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Tjena & Hola

I am working with qualitative research & designing holistic experiences, services and systems.

One of my strengths is surely situated in finding and applying suitable methods for gathering precious insights during the research phase. Methods such as interviewing and observing people uncovers how and why they interact with systems and services like they do. My overall motivation as a design researcher is to understand human behaviour and transform painpoints into opportunities for design enhancing the lives of many in optimistic ways.

Beyond that I am good in composing information across multiple analog and digital touchpoints demonstrated in compositions of typography, images, symbols, colours, shapes, sounds, voices. My overall motivation as a designer is to shape desirable and useful experiences for people.

In the past I’ve been researching & designing for clients such as Amnesty International, Bosch, BMW, BSH, Carhartt, Caritas, City of Gothenburg, C.H.Beck Verlag, Danderyds Hospital Stockholm, E.ON, Loewe, SCA, Siemens, Sony, Telekom, VW, ZEISS and others.

Impact means to me, if the designed outcome can support as many people as possible in a meaningful way.

Currently I am living and working in Munich. Please feel free to peek into my blog or drop me a line.

Or simply have a nice day.