My name is Anja

When I was a little girl, I used to climb up trees, climbing frames, tables and fences. In short, pretty much everything that was climbable.

On the one hand I believe my parents had a hard time keeping an eye on me. But on the other hand it was important to me that I could see better from above and greatly observe pretty much everything happening around from the top.

Nowadays I am literally no longer climbing up things. But as an adult I kept this childhood spirit by always trying to look at things from different angles and perspectives. Nowadays it helps me a lot not to take everything for granted, to constantly ask questions and to look for opportunities rather than see failures.

That’s why I am constantly looking for new challenges in life. Further I always seek to discover places, where open-minded people try to create good and meaningful experiences especially for the common good. Despite that I am always looking for a fruitful ground where shared ideas and approaches can grow, where a team spirit is more worth than a competitive mind. A place where design is regarded as a beneficial power and not only as a sheer service provision.