Music for Moods - visual identity and UX prototypes

Bodyscore is a research based company offering solutions for health stimulation. Bodyscore developed an application, which allows the user to identify his or her personal level of stress by listening to various musical compositions.

Developed with BOID
in Göteborg


The device records the rythm of the heart, that is influenced by sound. By putting a finger on the phone's camera, the device detects the pulse. Further it allows to understand how bodily functions like breath and heartbeat are related to each other and how conscious breathing can help to relax and affect good health. This way the user has the chance to understand and impact his well being through statistical data over a period of time.

The aim was to develop an identity, which reflects on playfulness, richness and variety of emotions emerging from music. Further it was important to generate a positive appearence, which corresponds with Bodyscore's motivation to support health issues. Moreover we supported them to develop and visualise the best user experience and interface for their product.