Why does the way of presenting a design not necessarily present the design in a proper way? How does the way of nonverbal communication effect on the perception of a presented design?

These questions were the starting point for evolving Presentype – a project within my Master studies at HDK. The outcome is the concept for a tool that helps you to prepare and improve your personal presentation performance.


The design is inspired by the amazing work and attitude of Otto Neurath and Gerd Arntz, who created Isotype - International System Of Typographic Education. The ideas was to combine gesture recognition software with the use of symbols. By installing Presentype on a mobile device, it is enabled to record presentations and create an overview of symbols, that represent the used body gestures.

Presentype can be helpful to identify and evaluate individual presentation skills in a pleasant and playful way. And it gives the opportunity to understand body language better.

Words divide, pictures unite.
Otto Neurath