Ritakville - a social intervention

Society is facing «massive change» due to social and sustainability related challenges. Institutions such as the EU and the UN are searching for approaches that build on collaboration and the ability to deal with the complexity of social situations to address these challenges. In this situation artistic practices, including design, are increasingly called for to provide such approaches and methods, making new roles for artists and designers possible.


Ritakville is an interventionist method reasearching a square called Kvilletorget in the northern part of Gothenburg. During one month several public sketching events took place on the square, organised by a group of design students. Their purpose was to investigate the social life of the place.

By inviting all people in the neighbourhood to join we asked the question “What would you like to change in your neighbourhood Kvilletorget?”. The outcome is a rich scope of wishes, thoughts, recommendations, complaints and suggestions in the form of sketches, that serves as a foundation to uncover potential challenges for the area. All findings are documented and published on a blog.